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At Chester-le-Street CE Primary School our long term planning in History is organised into age appropriate content.

Medium term plans and sequences of lessons focus on children gaining knowledge of where the period fits within the wider chronology of history.  As well as this, the chronology within the era is studied, which allows children to gain knowledge of a sequence of events within the period.

Each period studied is planned around life within the era, a significant event,  a significant person and compare and contrast. Sequences of lessons follow this structure:

  • Chronology within history: pupils will gain knowledge of where the period fits within a broader chronology.
  • Chronology within the Era: allowing pupils will gain knowledge of the sequence of events within the period.
  • Life: pupils will evaluate primary and secondary sources of evidence to draw conclusions about life in the period.
  • A significant event: pupils will study a key event and evaluate its impact on this period and subsequent periods in History
  • A significant person: pupils will investigate the influence of people over time (linked to the broader equality agenda)
  • Compare and contrast: pupils will draw on prior knowledge and make comparisons between the period they are studying and periods of time which they already have knowledge of.

Short term planning is based around a thought provoking ‘hook in’ to foster active engagement, explicitly teaching new vocabulary and having opportunities to transfer skills.

To find out what we study in our History curriculum at Chester-le-Street CE Primary School please click on the link below:

HISTORY Long Term Plan